Dental treatments


Dental Prosthesis:

The optimal prosthesis is planned together by the patient, dentist and dental technician, thus masticatory function is restored and the prosthesis will have a natural appearance.

It is important to know with a prosthesis, that nearly always a days grace is required in order to get used to them, therefore there is no need to worry if initially they feel a bit uncomfortable.

Thanks to the ever evolving dental techniques several million people in the world wear partial or full dentures, with the help of which the eating, speech and social difficulties caused by missing teeth are solved without any problems. Please do not forget, that wearing prosthesis also requires regular dental check ups and advice.


Crown: if the function of the tooth (chewing, aesthetics) cannot be repaired by filling, then the dentist recommends a dental crown. It can be made of: metallic alloy + porcelain, gold + porcelain, or only porcelain.

Metallic alloy + porcelain: Porcelain is baked on the metallic alloy using a dental technique. The metallic alloy makes it possible to use them for the replacement of several teeth. The most frequently used dental metallic alloy is not a very expensive material, however it contains chrome, cobalt, nickel, which in case of patients with metal allergy cannot be used.

Gold+ porcelain: e.g. telescopic crowns can only be created from gold alloy due to the precise metal to metal joint. The advantage of it is its workability and that it can be polished effectively. It also can be used in patients with metal allergy.

Porcelain: a more aesthetic result is achievable by using it. It only can be used for front teeth, if a single crown is needed.

Completion time: 1 week


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