Frequented questions

Will the treatment hurt?

The patient receives an anaesthetic injection prior to all treatment. If required we even anaesthetise the site of the injection.

What materials do you work with?

We use the latest and best materials both in the surgery and in the dental technician laboratory.

What languages are spoken in the surgery?

German, English and Italian

Is there health provision near by?

There is a hospital 100 meters from the surgery. If any problem occurs our staff are there to help with translation and managing any matters.

Will I find the surgery easily?

For route planning I recommend the following website:…. If you do not travel by car, we can organise your transfer based on prior agreement. Once you are in Sárvár, it is easy to find the surgery; it is signposted in several places.

Will the dentist have enough time for me?

Yes, as there is a strict appointment system. The patients seldom meet with each other, so that all members of the staff can look after you undisturbed.


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