Plastic Surgeon

In order to preserve your self-confidence, achieve self-assurance and wellness, it is important to look after your health, beauty and your general well-being.

Retain your youth and take part actively in the fight against aging.

You are the person who is mostly responsible for the achievement of all this. What you have to do is to maintain your wellness, change your way of thinking and direct it towards a positive and active lifestyle, alter your eating habits and keep your body fit with exercise and sports.

Our medical plastic aesthetic service helps you with this. The treatments are designed in cooperation with you and according to your wishes, so that we can help you to obtain a nice, youthful appearance that really suits your ideas.

Our treatments:

    Wrinkle filling
    Body sculpting with microinjections
    Gold-weight implantation
Further information: Dr. Zsuzsanna Ignácz


Ceramic veneer

this is an aesthetic solution for front teeth. By removing 0.5-1 mm from the external surface of the tooth the dentist ensures a space for the ceramic veneers to be bonded on. With the help of it, the colour and size differences can be corrected, as well as closing the gaps between teeth.
Completion time: 3 days


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